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So She Leads is a platform dedicated to women leaders. From products designed to uplift girls and women to insightful blog posts on women's leadership development, discover a space where empowerment meets expertise and take your leadership journey to new heights.

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This collection is made for women of all ages in mind, from little girls in need of inspiring messages as they grow up to bold women already making their mark on the world.


This blog explores intersection of women's experiences in the world today and the leadership pipeline. Gain insights into the barriers and biases women face, effective leadership strategies, and organizational behaviors that promote women leaders.

Grow Your leadership potential

Take charge of your leadership potential with this transformative workbook crafted for ambitious women. Overcome self-doubt, develop your unique leadership brand, and gain the confidence to navigate challenges unique to women in leadership.


About the founder

Leslie hughes

Leslie’s been developing confident leaders for over 18 years as an educator, coach and consultant. Fuelled by her unwavering commitment to advancing women leaders, Leslie founded So She Leads, a company dedicated to inspiring and empowering women. Leslie believes the world will be a better place with more women leaders at the top so she developed the LEAD Zone…

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