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What is the LEAD Zone?

The LEAD Zone is Where Leaders Expand

If you're looking to become great at anything, then expanding your comfort zone is crucial for personal growth and development. That's where the LEAD Zone comes in. It’s a place where leader’s aren’t always comfortable, but they are successful.

LEAD is a roadmap designed to help leaders break out of their comfort zones and expand into their best selves. By challenging beliefs, strategically evolving behaviors, and taking action in alignment with values, you can achieve your full potential in the LEAD Zone.

Comfort Zones

No two people are exactly alike. We have distinctive experiences that shape us into completely different humans. Like ingredients. LEAD is based on the premise that our experiences cultivate our beliefs:

  • Our beliefs influence our actions, responses, and reactions; or our behavior.

  • Our behavior has an impact on ourselves and others.

  • Our impact influences our experiences.

It’s easy to imagine how this loop can keep drawing us back to the status quo instead of achieving our full potential.

How Does The LEAD Zone Create Great Leaders?

LEAD is an acronym for the four essential stages of expansive leadership development:

L EARN - great leaders get curious.

E VOLVE - great leaders adapt as they learn.

A CCEPT THE CHALLENGE - great leaders are accountable.

D O - Great leaders have the courage to act.

What Does it Mean to Expand on Your Leadership Journey?

  • We challenge our limiting beliefs that get in the way of being the most successful versions of ourselves.

  • We strategically evolve our behavior for favorable outcomes.

  • We take action in alignment with our values to create purposeful impact.

The LEAD Zone helps at any stage of the leadership journey.


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